The vast majority of parents of primary school children shop online. They book hotel rooms at hotels.com, purchase PCs from Currys.ie, book flights at Expedia.ie, buy jewellery at Argento.ie, clothes at Debenhams.ie and MarksandSpencer.ie. You get the idea.


Well it's possible; simply by asking parents to access these brand websites via an alternative route.

It would be like asking parents to walk into their chosen shop via the side door rather than the usual front door. Same shop, same products, same prices, just an alternative route.

So what's the alternative route online?

It's a webpage created for your primary school containing hyperlinks to well-known brands. The links incorporate a unique ID.

Parents visit this webpage when they have made their decision to transact with a particular online retailer/service provider.

When the link to their preferred website is clicked and a transaction made, the unique ID is recorded with the transaction and commission is generated for the school.

There is no extra cost to parents; they pay exactly the same as they would have paid had they visited the retailer’s page directly. Same shop, same products, same prices, just an alternative route.

Remember, you are not asking parents to shop at the school's preferred websites. You are asking them to access THEIR preferred website via an alternate route, i.e., a hyperlink on your school's webpage. There is an important distinction.

How much money could realistically be generated for your school?

This is very much dependant on how much parents buy into the idea. It is in their interest to support this, since it directly benefits their child/children.

Example - A transaction at Expedia (a popular travel website that a lot of parents probably already use) will generate 3.5% commission for the school. So if 100 parents book their summer holiday with Expedia via the alternative route, all spending a conservative average of €1,000, a total of €3,500 is generated for the school.

Factor in further spends throughout the year with other brands and a significant sum can be generated.

Regular reports are provided showing transactions made and commission generated.

So what next?

Take a look at the webpage created for Scoil Chroi Iosa in Blarney, Cork.

For further information and to register interest, please send an email to contact@bunscoil.com.



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